Grafham, Great Staughton and Perry lie within a 3-mile distance of the Grafham Water reservoir in Huntingdonshire. Grafham Water is the third largest reservoir in the UK, it is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and has an active water centre. The reservoir was built in 1965, it is a key modern feature of the wider landscape which has an extensive history. Grafham, Great Staughton and Perry all featured in the Domesday Book, and a substantial Roman Villa was discovered in Great Staughton in 1958. 

Today, the three villages each support a vibrant community life. The Parish Councils and active community members have realised a number of innovative projects and initiatives, including some environmental projects….

Grafham, located immediately North of Grafham Water, is a village of around 253 houses with a population of 696 people. Recently, the village has taken steps toward a more sustainable future whilst also realising community benefits. The village hall and community shop were upgraded in March 2020 with the support of an Amey grant, (see here for more details), reducing carbon emissions and running costs. The new community village shop also cuts down car trips to pick up the odd item and supports more vulnerable members of the village. The environment and community are important considerations in the forthcoming Neighbourhood plan, that is being jointly prepared with Ellington Parish Council. Check out the website for more information.

The Parish of Great Staughton includes 6,407 acres south of Grafham Water. There are around 358 residential properties and an overall population of 882. In 2009, the Great Staughton Village plan surveyed 80% of households in the village on loft insulation, double glazing, low-energy light bulbs and lagged hot water tanks. Just over 50% had cavity wall insulation; and a small percentage have a water saving or harvesting device, solar panels or wind power. There was an appetite to ‘go greener’ in the village, with interest in solar panel and PV installations, and general energy efficiency improvements stated by households. Full details of the neighbourhood plan are available here.

Is a small village located on Grafham Water, with a population of approximately 660 people living in 314 households. Long before a state of climate emergency was declared in the UK or Cambridgeshire, 50% of households in Perry said that they would like to see more attention given to renewable energy in the 2013 Village Plan. Let’s make this happen!