G0Heating Project Kick-Off

Last Friday, our first G0Heating project meeting was held online. Heat network specialists Element Energy met with our community steering group, which includes residents and Parish Councillors from all three villages.

The meeting set our agenda for the next four months, to complete the desktop study and community engagement for the feasibility study. We discussed:

  • Programme (January – May 2021)
  • Existing utilities (Anglian Water, local solar arrays and gas mains)
  • Required information for the project (Maps and data about the landscape)
  • It was agreed that a site visit of the three villages is not possible at this time, due to the covid restrictions. 

For your calendar…

Keep Monday 1 March (19.30 – 21.00) free. We will hold our first tri-village workshop (online) to discuss the future of heating, carbon impact, and your heating priorities.

Sign-up via Eventbrite now, confirm your place now as we have a 100-person meeting limit. We will also share a zoom link in our village newsletters. 

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