Census 2021, A hot topic!

You may have noticed when completing the census in March, that a question was asked on your household heating. This was a new question introduced in the 2021 census, the reason, domestic heating could become one of the defining features of our house values and day-to-day domestic spending in the next decade as the UK drives toward its 2050 Net-Zero goal. Whilst 2050 might seem a long time away, change is happening now, for example, gas connections for new homes are banned from 2025. The Parish Council’s in Grafham, Great Staughton and Perry want to stay a step ahead of such changes, to protect our villages, house prices, and sustain a place of value for the next generation. 

A couple of months ago the Tri-Village heating project launched a household survey, to gain insight into how you are heating your home today. To date we have only received a few responses from households, so please take a couple of minutes to share your household heating situation. The Parish Council’s involved are reviewing various collective heating, hot water and retro-fit options for the villages; to find a cost-effective way of improving our homes and making them future-ready. We need to understand your current heating situation and thoughts on heating, to evaluate what options our community are interested in.

A heat network option is currently being reviewed on the Parish Councils’ behalf by engineers, Element Energy, paid for by a grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund. Element Energy have now worked out how much heat Grafham, Great Staughton, and Perry are currently using. The prison in Perry puts it in the lead as the big gas guzzler among the three. The engineer’s next stage of work will look at what renewable energy sources could be appropriate for each of the three villages to use if a heat network is a viable solution. These energy sources would act as a large communal boiler (with no or low carbon emitted) and replace individual household boilers. This would make a significant impact on our local carbon footprint, and protect residents from future carbon taxes, if these are introduced in the UK. When this work is complete by Element Energy, we will have another tri-village meeting to share the results and discuss what the next step for our community could be.

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