An Update from our Tri-Village Meeting

Monday 1st March 2021, a day in history, our first Tri-Village meeting took place to discuss the future of heating in our three villages. 

The UK plans to be Net-Zero Carbon by 2050, to achieve this national target, there will be many technology, policy and funding changes happen within the next few years. One of the headline changes proposed in the UK is the transition to post-oil and gas lifestyles. Plans to remove diesel and petrol car engines are already progressing, it is likely that gas and oil boilers will follow shortly! It has already been confirmed that there will be no new household connections to the gas grid from 2025. 

The Parish Councils in Grafham, Great Staughton and Perry have commissioned a feasibility study, using a rural community energy fund grant, to look at a renewable heating alternative for our villages, a heat network. The public workshop introduced the project team, the project aims and shared some information on what a heat network is, over sixty-nine people joined the workshop. 

Attendees quizzed engineers Element Energy and community engagement specialist, LineUndrawn, asking over 25 questions about the potential project. Important questions included; what temperature could be delivered to radiators (A: 70c), what improvements to your home may be required (A; none), and what are the biggest challenges to the project (A: business case, community interest, getting grant funding!). There was also a lot of interest in the environmental pros and cons, we will tackle some of those issues in another publicmeeting which will share the results of the feasibility study also. All the content from the 1stTri-Village meeting is available online, take a look at

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